12 thoughts on “#005 Thomas and Friends mini PEZ”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I am sorry, I don’t have any complete sets of Thomas mini Pez,
    and I am not sure I can get more of them.
    Thank you and take care,

  2. Where did you originally get the Thomas mini Pez? I looked at the Pez web site and it does not indicate they manufacture that one.

  3. Hello,
    I am sorry for my late response.
    These mini Pez were sold in Only Japan.
    Thank you and take c are,

  4. hello, I like these MINI PEZ myself. I have every set but the Junior City 2, and the MINI X’s. Over the years I bought all my sets from ebay. I look everyday on-line candy dealers, ebay, mini pez are getting hard to find.. ebay is my only suggestions for AMBAR.. delaware usa

  5. hi, I need 40 Thomas the tank mini pez for october 23rd, I was wondering if is there any possibilities you could send it all the way to Argentina, is that possible?
    Thank you so much

  6. Hello,
    Thomas Train mini Pez is super hard to find now.
    So I don’t know where we can get them.
    Thank you and take care,

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