mini PEZ


#005 Thomas and Friends mini PEZ

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a British children’s TV series. Release Date : 2004/05 Thomas (#1) : Ora...

#004 Pokemon 1 mini PEZ

Pokemon is Japanese Animation. Release Date : 2004/04 Pikachu : Orange Stem Torchic (Japanese Name : Achamo) : Gr...

#003 Pingu (Normal Ver.) mini PEZ

Pingu is a characters for the Clay Animation. Release Date : 2004/04 Pingu (Normal) : Red Stem Pingu (Tearful) : ...

#002 Kamen Rider 1 mini PEZ

Kamen Rider, translated as Masked Rider, is character for seminal sci-fi story. Release Date : 2004/03 Kamen Rider...

#001 Ultraman 1 mini PEZ

Ultraman is the character for "special effects" television programs. Release Date : 2004/03 Ultraman : Red Stem U...
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