#003 Pingu (Normal Ver.) mini PEZ

Pingu is a characters for the Clay Animation.

Release Date : 2004/04

Pingu (Normal) : Red Stem
Pingu (Tearful) : Blue Stem
Pingu (Trumpet Mouth) : Yellow Stem
Pinga : Pink Stem
Robby : Green Stem

Egg Container : Yellow/Yellow
Pez Candy : Orange


  1. Kathy says:

    i want to buy one set of this and the clear version…can you tell me where to buy???

  2. Ketty says:

    I would buy a red!!!
    How much cost?
    Where i can buy it?

  3. olahbobee says:

    i would like to buy the whole set of pingu mini pez. could you tell me where to buy?
    thx a lot, im looking forward for hearing from you

  4. admin says:

    I am not sure where we can get them.
    What about ebay Auction?
    Thank you and take care,

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