#005 Thomas and Friends mini PEZ

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a British children’s TV series.

Release Date : 2004/05

Thomas (#1) : Orange Stem
Edward (#2) : Yellow Stem
Henry (#3) : Blue Stem
Gordon (#4) : Orange Stem
James (#5) : Yellow Stem
Percy (#6) : Blue Stem

Egg Container : Blue/Blue
Pez Candy : Orange


  1. doug hawkins says:

    interested in buying a set of thomas and friends mini pez…do you have set available and if so what is your asking price? doug

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    I am sorry, I don’t have any complete sets of Thomas mini Pez,
    and I am not sure I can get more of them.
    Thank you and take care,

  3. Molly says:

    Where did you originally get the Thomas mini Pez? I looked at the Pez web site and it does not indicate they manufacture that one.

  4. admin says:

    I am sorry for my late response.
    These mini Pez were sold in Only Japan.
    Thank you and take c are,

  5. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Tatiana says:

    Por favor donde puedo adquirir los thomas and friends mini PEZ

  7. Aidan says:


  8. Ambar says:

    Hi..does anyone know where these can be purchased?

  9. Arthur says:

    hello, I like these MINI PEZ myself. I have every set but the Junior City 2, and the MINI X’s. Over the years I bought all my sets from ebay. I look everyday on-line candy dealers, ebay, mini pez are getting hard to find.. ebay is my only suggestions for AMBAR.. delaware usa

  10. Agustina says:

    hi, I need 40 Thomas the tank mini pez for october 23rd, I was wondering if is there any possibilities you could send it all the way to Argentina, is that possible?
    Thank you so much

  11. admin says:

    Thomas Train mini Pez is super hard to find now.
    So I don’t know where we can get them.
    Thank you and take care,

  12. PeterPez59 says:

    They are very nice, very nice collection, congratulations, PeterPez59

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